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At Roberts Roofing we have the many years of experience required to help you make the very best decision for your home roof replacement or roof repair project.

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If you are in need of a roof repair or replacement, Roberts Roofing can help. Below are the steps we undertake in completing your roofing project.

Roof Assessment / Inspection: With a quick roof inspection we can determine whether or not your home is ready for a replacement.

Roofing Product Selection: After it has been confirmed a new roof is needed, we arrange time with you in our showroom to discuss roofing product options , colors and cost.

Final Pricing & Scheduling: Once final price estimates are prepared based on the needs of your home and the selection of roofing products, we then work with you to schedule your roof replacement. In most cases the owner is not required to be on site for our teams to complete the work.

Roof Removal: All elements of the old roof must be removed to ensure proper installation of the new roof. We make every effort to cover and protect your property and surrounding landscaping from debris. Once the old roof is completely removed, we thoroughly inspect all underlying deck boards and make any necessary repairs.

Installation of Sub-Roofing: Sub-roofing materials must be installed first to create a solid, impenetrable base for the new roof. Sub-roofing underlayments commonly include drip edges, ice and water shield material, and felt paper, but may vary based on the needs of roofing product being installed.

Installation of the New Roofing Product: Once all underlayments have been set, we install the actual roofing material. We install all products according to manufacturer recommendations and work from the bottom up. Ridge vents, ridge caps, wall flashing and chimney flashing are installed as they are needed.

Site Clean Up, Final Inspection & Warranty: Upon completion the new roof is meticulously inspected to ensure all materials have been correctly installed. We also inspect the surrounding area to make sure no materials or debris are left behind. At this time we also issue the warranty associated with the specific product and craftsmanship.

We complete most all roof replacement jobs on the same day, minimizing your home’s exposure to the elements. We do not leave a job site to go to another until our work is completed and your home is fully protected by the new roof. Customer satisfaction is important to us. We recognize the value and importance your roof plays in protecting your home and family, and reflect that understanding and care in our work.

When you hire Roberts Roofing to take care of your roofing problem, you can make sure that your needs are met with our 24/7 emergency roof repair service. We provide free roofing quotes and roof inspections to identify problems and develop solutions that fit your needs. We do not charge for estimates, so call us anytime – 845-566-7663

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