Commercial Roofing

Roberts Roofing NY has been providing exceptional roofing services to the commercial and industrial properties of Newburgh, NY for more than a decade. Our expertise lies in the installation of low-slope and flat roofing systems such as TPO, PVC, coatings, and asphalt roofing.

It’s imperative to keep a watchful eye on your roofing system, as chronic leaks or a sudden hike in energy bills can indicate a problem. If it’s been more than 25 years since your last roof replacement, it’s a clear sign that you need a new roof. At Roberts Roofing NY, our team of qualified contractors possesses the latest techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to install your commercial roof with utmost precision.

Commercial Roofing Newburgh NY

Commercial Roofing: Repairs and Replacement

In certain cases, repairing a commercial roof upon early detection of issues may suffice, delaying the need and expense of a new roof. However, if the damage is extensive or the roof has reached the end of its life span and materials are deteriorating, replacement becomes essential.

Roberts Roofing NY guarantees to deliver a cost-effective solution, provide professional advice, and execute the work swiftly and competently. Our objective is to secure your complete satisfaction with the installation of your new commercial roof, and we will go the extra mile to achieve this. As a result, we have gained an excellent reputation as the leading commercial roofing contractors in Newburgh NY.

Our inspectors are readily available to assess commercial roof systems in Newburgh and neighboring communities. Chances are high that you may know someone who has utilized our services previously. Our team possesses years of the collective experience and has operated extensively in the DFW Metroplex region over the past few years.

The subsequent indications can alert you that it’s time to consider a new commercial roof, or to engage a professional inspector for further evaluation:

  • Curling, breaking or balding shingles. For commercial roofs with shingles, regular checks for damage are necessary. A bald shingle has lost its protective granules, leaving the roof vulnerable to damage and water incursion. Missing shingles must also be replaced to maintain the roof’s integrity.
  • Torn roofing surfaces. Age and damage can cause tears in roofing materials. Tears provide a way for water to seep into the building, causing problems that won’t go away on their own. A professional should be contacted immediately to assess and address the damage.
  • Damaged or missing flashing. Flashing seals the area around roof protrusions, preventing water from entering. Damaged or missing flashing leaves your building exposed to water damage, and a professional should check for water damage and flashing failure.
  • Corroded metal roofing. Exposure to the elements can cause metal roofing materials to corrode. Corroded roofs can’t adequately protect a commercial building, and the materials beneath the roof become vulnerable to water and pests.
  • Loose or missing fasteners. Holes left by missing or loose fasteners create an entry point for water into the building. Prompt repair by a commercial roofing contractor is necessary to avoid a complete roof replacement in Newburgh NY.
  • Warped or loose metal sheets. Damage to metal sheets can occur, requiring the replacement of some or all sheets. A professional can assess the extent of the damage and recommend the necessary repairs.

How to Determine if You Need to Repair or Replace Your Commercial Roof?

Often, commercial roof repairs are preferable to replacements due to their speed and cost-effectiveness. However, certain roofing materials may be beyond repair, and extensive damage may require more than a simple fix.

To determine whether your commercial roof requires repair or replacement, it’s advisable to consult an expert inspector from Roberts Roofing NY. We prioritize cost-saving measures for our clients, and we’ll assess whether repairs suffice. We’ll also advise if your roof’s condition is too severe or aged to provide sufficient protection for your building.

Early detection of issues is crucial for making repairs before they become catastrophic problems. Simple fixes like replacing a few missing shingles or fasteners can be done swiftly by our team, ensuring continued protection of your commercial building until the next problem arises. However, if significant damage has already occurred, such as water damage, replacing the commercial roof may be necessary.

The Importance of Urgent Commercial Roof Replacement

Regardless of whether your commercial building regularly receives clients or contains all your business’s assets, roof replacement is an urgent matter. Upon receiving an inspector’s recommendation for a new roof, it’s crucial to heed the advice as everything (and everyone) in the building is potentially at risk. Roof problems such as water damage, tears, and pest infestations can lead to significant inventory loss. Additionally, an aged roof that is not functioning correctly or has sustained significant damage can pose a risk of fire and electrocution.

Customized Solutions for Industrial Roofing

Roberts Roofing NY’s team possesses vast expertise in providing industrial roof replacement services.

Our team takes into account factors such as the climate and weather conditions in New York, the use of durable roofing materials, and any potential future needs of your property when planning a commercial roof replacement. Additionally, your budget, preferences, and vision for the roof’s appearance are given due consideration. Our aim is to provide you with a comprehensive plan that meets all your requirements while ensuring minimal disruption to your schedule. Our ultimate objective is to deliver outstanding service, leaving you completely satisfied with the selected materials and the quality of our work.

Expert Storm Damage Roof Repair

New York is known for its severe storms that can cause significant damage to commercial and industrial roofs. Whether it’s hail, high winds, lightning, or any other factor, our team is equipped to repair or replace your damaged roof. We are renowned as the local storm damage experts, and we can help you get your business back on track after a storm. Moreover, we offer assistance in filing insurance claims for your property. Our team works directly with your insurance provider to ensure you receive a comparable replacement roofing system and maximize the value of your claim.

Do You Require Expert Advice on Commercial Roof Replacement?

If your commercial roof is too old or has suffered damage, we can assist you. Our team of professional roofers can manage the entire commercial roof replacement process, including material transportation, the dismantling of the old roof, installation of a new one, and waste disposal. Call our office today to speak with a roofing specialist about commercial roof replacement. We are here to answer all your queries.